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We all keep undergoing medical tests. More often than not, these records are provided by different laboratories. While there are some laboratories which provide reports online, others provide reports on paper. Even the laboratories that provide reports online, these are provided across different websites or email or WhatsApp messages with multiple passwords which makes managing them almost impossible. Health Bank is one place where the patient can receive, record, manage and share reports with your doctor.Most of the times we want to consult multiple doctors on our medical condition. HealthBank makes it easy.

One place for keeping & managing your health records

Salient features of HealthBank

Access to your medical records anytime anywhere

Smart view of your complete medical records trend

All your radiology reports and scan at one place

Current and historical Prescription list

Easy sharing of medical records with your doctor

Tele-Consulting / e-Follow-up with your own doctor without leaving comfort of your home

eNutrition- Consult with Dietician sitting at home

Rx prescription via SMS/Email

Nutrition Plan via SMS/Email

Appointment confirmation with your doctor via SMS/Email

Follow-up Alerts via SMS/Email

Save your time and effort

Tele-Consulting / e-Follow-up

Tele-Consulting is the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance. It has been used to overcome distance barriers and to improve access to medical services. Now you can consult with your own doctor without leaving the comfort of your home.

Remote Medical Second Opinion Program

A remote medical second opinion is a valuable resource when you are faced with difficult health circumstances or choices regarding your treatment options. However you may have limited access to highly specialized care depending on where you live, your availability for travel or your mobility.


Explore the application of nutrition to treat your health problems and prevent diseases. This can be range from changes in diet and lifestyle to providing specialized plans for Diabetes, Heart disease, Weight management, Hypothyroidism, PCOD, and Hypertension etc. We plan lifestyle strategies and therapeutic nutrient intervention to correct nutritional insufficiencies; promote optimal health and prevent, manage or correct medical problems.

Centralized Medical Repository

Digitize all your Medical history, which will be accessible by you and only doctor whom you would authorize to see your details. It’s 100% safe & secured. Best thing is you don’t have to do anything for maintaining it, just forward your records to your doctor or email to and we will do the rest. It’s online, so your medical records can be accessed on demand. No need to carry your medical files or maintaining it.