What is eMediWorld HealthBank?


eMediWorld HealthBank is global health care company that brings together doctor and their patient with advanced technology and personalized care coordination to help our member stay healthy. We ensure our members receive exclusive healthcare. In addition, we manage every member’s centralized health records, which will be available to them anytime anywhere via secure care portal.

How do I open my HealthBank account?
  • You can sign up to www.emediworldhealthbank.com . Fill up minimum required information and pay through secure payment gateway. Once we receive the payment our care co-ordination will call you and take general medical history. For your historical medical records you can mail us to support@emediworld.com.
  • You can also open your eMediWorld health account with the help of your primary physician.
    If your primary physician using our platform you can fill medical history form and enroll yourself and pay at the reception.
  • You can also visit our channel partner’s location and make the payment for the membership.
Why I should open a HealthBank account?

eMediWorld HealthBank endeavors to be a trusted, unbiased source of health information for you and your loved ones. It is bridging the gap between you and your physician. Once you become member, with the help of healthbank luxuries you can always connected with your primary care physician.
We also schedule appointments and give you confirmation via email/sms alerts. We offer our members proactive care by providing gentle reminders for health screening and wellness check-up recommended by your doctor.
eMediWorld HealthBank’s central repository put your health data back into your hands. We collect and digitized your health records, which you have 24/7 access. Organized and updated medical records can help reduce errors and unnecessary treatment or testing thus minimizing delay and improve health outcomes.
Lastly, members can buy healthbank luxuries and optimize their health with the support and encouragement from our care co-coordinators.

How do you help me update my historical medical records to my HealthBank account?

We understand that trying to retrieve past medical records can be time consuming and labor intensive, for our member we take this responsibility. Send your historical medical records to support@emediworld.com. We (HealthBank Executives) digitize those records into your healthbank account, so you will never have a fragmented and incomplete health record ever again.

It doesn’t get simpler. Send us soft or scanned copies of all medical reports. Our family of doctors extracts relevant information and what you see is your digitized healthbank record, online, anytime, on your smartphone, tab or computer. Our helpdesk executives assist you throughout.

Can I print my Health statement?
Yes, Members always can access to their health bank account and print health statement with in built trending functionality.
Does my Doctor have access to my records?
eMediWorld Health Bank provide access to your medical records to your primary family physician. Your centralized medical record gives you mental peace knowing that no matter where you are in the world your primary family physician always here to support you and can provide medical attention.
Do I lose my access to my HealthBank account anytime?
Once you become member, you will always have access to your health account.
Can I ask for correction of my Health data just in case?
For any type of correction in your health data, you can send request to support@emediworld.com with your HealthBank account id in subject line.
How much of medical records can I upload?
Normally, last 2 year health reports get digitized. Again, doctors compile your past medical summary from historical data, and may even contact you for the same. All in all, we make your health account ready to empower your doctor manage your health better.
How does my doctor view my HealthBank information?

Health Bank doctor has similar access like user, you need to add your doctor in Doctor list. Once you have added your doctor to your list, Doctor can search you by your name or phone number.
If your Doctor is not in the list of Health Bank doctor, you can share his minimum details with us and we will run basic credentials for doctor and invitation is being sent to doctor to join our platform.

Is my medical records secured?
We are totally HIPPA compliance and IMA reviewed. The security features of your health bank are comparable with your Internet banking account, with User ID and password authentication access.
Who has access to my medical records?
Access to your heath bank account will remain exclusively with you and one healthcare provider you designate or sharing your unique Identification number with Health Bank Doctor.
Can multiple doctors view my records?
Yes, that is possible, you can share your unique identification number with Health Bank Doctor to access your record.
What do you digitized once I become HealthBank User?
We Digitize your medical history, family History, Allergies, Vital Information, Lifestyle, Blood reports, Other reports such as X-ray, CT Scans and all other forms of reports & Prescription.
What is Tele-Medicine/ e-Follow-up?
Telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services, such as health assessments or consultations, over the IT infrastructure. It allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients without the need for an in-person visit.
What is e-Nutrition?
Now you can consult with Nutritionist for your lifestyle disease management virtually. Nutritionist can take all your details over the phone or may visit you once before starting your Nutritional guidance and hence forth everything will be virtual along with your diet plan.
Can I use HealthBank telemedicine service late at night?
It is subject to your PHP (Primary Healthcare Physician).